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Geoffrey Braaf Computers have been part of my life since my parents bought me a (legendary) C64 back when I was 6. Since then I've had many machines - and an equal amount of evening/weekend jobs - from Amiga's, PC's and ultimately a Mac. I've always had the uncontrollable urge to control and thus code on all of them. Over the past years i have grown fond of the Microsoft .NET Framework, especially in the context of web/communication based application development with C# as my language of preference.

WIS3GUY.NET – Since 2008 (7 years)
Freelance .NET Software Architect & Passionate Developer

WIS3GUY.NET is the trademark of Geoffrey Braaf ... me. I'm a reliable and experienced Dutch freelance .NET Software Architect and Developer specialized in web based applications and techniques. Armed with 15 years of professional experience plus an additional 10 years of passionate non-commercial coding, I decided to take my chances and pursue a freelancing career.

Findsi – Since 2000 (15 years)
Co-owner, Architect & Developer

Findsi (find-as-i): A nextgen recommendation-engine, designed to supersede the "people who bought this, also bought"-breed. Findsi takes the anonymized individual as its starting-point. Results are always personalised while privacy is guaranteed. Findsi considers the complete anonymized user set present as the individual’s context. Therefore, results are more accurate. Findsi is a semantic tool. Nevertheless, it is language agnostic. Findsi is only accessible through an API. You decide how to display the results. We only empower your decisions.

Software Development, Database Design, C#, Web Applications, Scrum, .NET, Architecture, REST, ASP.NET MVC, APIs, Technical Analysis, Unit Testing, Software Reviews, DDD, ASP.NET, WCF, jQuery, Silverlight, WinForms, WPF, SOAP, Coaching, Functional Analysis, XML, Test Driven Development, Web Development, LINQ, Agile Methodologies, Entity Framework, MVC, JavaScript, XHTML